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Different hair removal systems suit different people based on personality, lifestyle, income and skin & hair type. There are thousands of hair removal products out there but how do you know is perfect for you, your needs and your hair removal goals?

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Just like you, each one of us has a hair removal method which suits us best, and we have all devoted much time, money and effort into buying, testing (and often returning!) the many different products.

After many years of failure and frustrations, we know the products that work and those that don't and for which type of people. We want to share this knowledge with you right now so you don't have to go through the mistakes, scams and broken promises we suffered.

The products reviewed on this site are what we believe to be the best hair remover products within their particular category. Each product has been tested extensively by at least one of us over a 6 - 12 month period or in some cases longer. This is the source of information we never had, written how we would have wanted it to read.

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Our Best Review Product

NO NO Hair Removal Review

Our Favorite Hair Removal Products

NO NO Hair Removal Review
Company Radiancy
Perfect For You If You are looking for the ultimate quick, easy to use and completely pain free answer to long term hair removal.
Price Free Trial
Results Long Term Hair Removal
Type Thermicon Heat Based Technology
Usage Restrictions None
Recommended For Legs, arms, underarms, back, chest, neck, bikini line, face, everywhere!

We have awarded the NO NO Hair Removal System the title of Best Overall Hair Remover Product.

In a field of strong competition, the NO NO stands out as a unique hair remover system which delivers on a promise often made but rarely kept: Professional, pain free, long term hair removal at home that’s safe for all skin types and hair colors.

For me, the perfect answer to unwanted body hair is a device which I only have to use every couple of months, is completely small and portable, quick and easy to operate and doesn’t involve much effort or concentration; the sort of thing I can do while watching TV…

Tria Laser Hair Removal Review
Company Tria
Perfect For You If You are looking for much cheaper and more convenient alternative to salon based laser treatment with lasting hair removal results.
Price $195 (With “Easy Pay” Payment Plan)
Results Permanent Hair Remover
Type At Home Laser Treatment
Usage Restrictions Not recommended for people with dark or black skin, blond, red, white or gray hair.
Recommended For Legs, arms, underarms, back, chest, neck, bikini line, face

The Tria is the best at home laser hair remover currently on sale but before I go in the details let me break down the essentials for you:

* The Tria gives you laser hair removal in the convenience and privacy of your own home.
* It is very easy to use.
* It’s completely safe.
* It saves you thousands of dollars on professional salon treatments.

Moreover, as of January this year, it is the first and only At Home laser hair remover device clinically proven to deliver permanent results which has been been approved by the FDA. Now that’s what I’d call a knock out blow…

Silk n SensEpil Reviews
Company Silk’n
Perfect For You If You want to get rid of body hair permanently without stress or pain and in the comfort of your own home
Price $399
Recommended For underarms, arms, face, neck, bikini line, legs, back, chest
Results Permanent hair removal
Type Home Laser Hair Removal
Usage Restrictions Like any laser hair remover, the Silk’n Sensepil cannot be used by people with dark or black skin, blond, red, white or gray hair

I have been using the Silk’n SensEpil for just over 11 months and I now feel I have been treating myself long enough to share with you my results and give you my verdict.

“Does the SensEpil give you permanent hair removal results?”

I’ll be answering this very shortly and will also be talking you through some of the other important issues you need to know before investing in the SensEpil

I’ll also tell you how you can get the Silk’n SensEpil for a much CHEAPER PRICE than you’ll pay over at Amazon…

Revitol Hair Removal Cream Review
Company Revitol
Perfect For You If You want a simple, pain free hair removal solution which also moisturizes the skin and doesn’t involve any effort to use. You can even watch TV while you are treating yourself!
Price $39.95 for 2 Tubes
Results Long Term Hair Removal
Type Depilatory Cream
Usage Restrictions None
Recommended For Legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, face

There are many hair remover creams out on the market all of which make big, ambitious claims about permanently eliminating hair forever.

It is true that for some people who use creams for a prolonged period of time, there is a reasonable chance their hair will stop growing back. However for the rest of us, what depilatory creams do do is gently dissolve the hair below the skin which inhibits the regrowth of hair and therefore offer, a long-term (for most people 10 – 12 weeks) solution to hair removal.

Why have I chosen Revitol as my number one hair remover cream?

Quite simply, because it does what a depilatory hair remover cream should do better than any other product on the market. Let me tell you about the most important factor first…

Vector Electrolysis Hair Removal Review
Company Folica
Perfect For You If You are looking for guaranteed permanent hair removal. Yes, you heard that right! Guaranteed permanent hair removal so long as your willing to put the time in.
Price $199.95
Results Permanent Hair Remover
Type Electrolysis
Usage Restrictions None
Recommended For Smaller parts of the body

If you’re like me and determined to rid yourself permanently of all unwanted body hair, then Electrolysis hair removal is your answer.

Today, there are products out there which provide Electrolysis hair removal at home which you can administer yourself, for a fraction of the cost of professional treatments and all in your own time and the comfort of a place of your own choosing.

I have tested every available electrolysis kit on sale and have I have finally settled on the only FDA approved home kit which offers the same results as as professional salon based electrolysis, at a fraction of the cost in a very user friendly manner. Please raise your hands for the Vector…