2. Hair Removal At Home Or Salon Treatment?


This is the fork in the road which divides all hair remover seekers. Do you get your treatments done at a clinic or do you remove your hair yourself at home?

Everyone has their own preference and all three of us have had salon treatment in the past and now use home hair removal solutions. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and you should carefully weight up how you feel about each method before making a decision. There is also nothing wrong with doing both together; many people use home removal kits like you can read about at NO NO Hair Removal Reviews to treat the smaller, more manageable areas and then have a professional clinician do the more difficult or sensitive areas. This is fine and in some cases recommended.

To help you we have listed what we believe to be the pros and cons of both methods. They are just our thoughts and in the end it’s your decision so take what we say into account, but also don’t forget to ask yourself how you feel.

Hair Removal At Home Or Salon Treatment

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