4. What Is Your Skin & Hair Type?


Different hair remover systems and products suit different types of skin and hair colors.

If you have have fair to medium light skin (Skin Type 1 – 3) and brown or black hair, then you are part of the lucky group which are able to use all hair remover systems and products.

People with medium dark to black skin (Skin Type 4 – 6) are unfortunately unable to get laser hair remover treatment as there is a risk of skin burns. Equally, people with blonde, red, white, grey hair will find achieving permanent results with lasers difficult although some salons now offer treatments which cater for these hair colors.

However, all is not lost if you are looking for a home hair removal solution as the NO NO can be used by everyone and offers a long term solution to unwanted body hair. You can read more about it at NO NO Hair Removal System Reviews where Ally will walk you though why the NO NO is one of the best hair removal products available today.

You can check your skin type by looking at the chart below:

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