Article: 6 Tips To Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Always Choose Small Quantities

Most alcoholic drinks are available in varying quantities in a bid to meet the diverse needs of the customers. It’s recommendable to always choose the smallest quantities available. If you intend to go to a house party, choose to drink using the smallest wine glass available. On the other hand, if your preference is spirits ensure that you spike your drink with plenty of mixer so as to minimize the alcohol effects.

Alternate with soft Drinks

Soft drinks such as fruit juices are known to reduce the effects of hangover after a drinking spree. The soft drinks help to reduce dehydration as well as supply the body with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Drink Water

Dehydration is one of the negative effects that alcoholic drinks cause on your body. It’s medically advisable to drinking enough amounts of water as you take your favorite drink so as to ensure that your body has enough amounts of water. This will help reduce your alcohol intake since your body will be saturated with liquids.

Monitor Your Calories Intake

Research shows that most alcoholic beverages contain seven calories per gram. A glass of wine is estimated to contain approximately 130 calories while one bottle of beer contains around 140 calories. Monitoring your calories intake will help you stay fit and maintain a healthy productive lifestyle.


As mentioned earlier, excessive consumption of alcohol can plunge you into financial turmoil due to over expenditure. To avoid this, it’s recommendable to formulate a budget that covers the total amount of money that you intend to spend on drinks.

Schedule Morning appointment

By scheduling an important appointment that you can’t miss in the morning, you will be able to reduce your alcohol intake significantly. Knowing that you will have to wake up early will help you behave much better and smarter.

One of the major benefits that can be derived from reduced alcohol consumption is good health. These tips will help you dedicate more time to other physical activities such as a visit to the gym. You can also use this free time to join a social group such as an environmental club whose main goal is to promote sound utilization of natural resources for the benefit of the current and future generation.

It’s recommendable to consult a professional health care service provider for additional tips on how to reduce your alcohol intake. It’s also wise to invite some friends who have the same goals and objectives to this noble initiative so as to promote its effectiveness in solving this alcoholism problem.

Reducing your alcohol consumption is one of the sure ways of ensuring that you live a healthy, long and productive lifestyle.


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