6. Which Areas Of Your Body Are You Looking To Treat?


Due to the length of time some treatments can take to complete, it is a good idea to try and match a particular hair remover method to the part of your body you want to focus on. For instance, there are certain products which work best as a facial hair remover and others which are best suited to bikini hair removal.

If you are looking to treat a variety areas, you will probably find yourself choosing a range of hair removers to suit each area or if you choose wisely and have the right skin and hair type, you may find one method which caters for all your needs.

Here is a summary of what we believe each hair remover methods is best suited for. For the beady eyed among you, you’ll notice that Thermicon heat makes into all the categories. To learn more about this revolutionary technology go to our NO NO Hair Removal Reivews which will give you a complete report on Thermicon and how effective it is at treating unwanted body hair.


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