7. Are You Looking For Painless Hair Removal?


There are painless hair remover products and then there are those which can cause some discomfort. Obviously, if you’re given the choice most people will go pain free.

However, there is a trade off to be made here as for the most part, the longer the results last the greater the chance you will experience some level of pain. This is not always true but it’s a good rule to go by. The only real exception is the NO NO which you can read about in Ally’s NO NO Hair Removal Reviews which gives you long term resutls without any pain debt to pay.

The reason for this is permanent hair remover solutions take the hair out at the root while temporary and long term methods remove the hair from the surface of the skin.

For this reason, pain management can be a big problem when using permanent hair removers. Fortunately, all the products we recommend are suitable for people with a low pain threshold.

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