1. How Long Do You Want The Results to Last?

Before you begin, it’s important to have a clear idea what results you are looking for or put another way – what are your hair removal goals? Are you happy re-treating yourself at intervals or do you want to remove all your hair forever?

There are 3 types of hair removal:

Temporary Hair Removal (1 – 6 weeks)
Long Term Hair Removal (7 – 14 weeks)
Permanent Hair Removal (Forever)

The number of weeks listed above is the length of time you can go without having to treat yourself again after you have completed a full treatment cycle. Different hair remover systems and products have variable levels of success (you’ll be finding out which products are the most successful very shortly) and also some people respond better than others to certain types of treatment. This is why the time frames are so broad but at this stage, they simply serve as a guide to help you focus down on what you’re looking for.

Here is a short summary showing you results which different hair removal methods achieve:

Hair Removal Categories

You do need to be a little careful as there are lots of myths and misinformation peddled about hair removal results not least by the companies which produce so called “permanent hair remover” products.

Permanent hair remover solutions remove the hair follicle at its root destroying its ability to regenerate and grow. All temporary solutions and most long term methods, take the hair off the surface of the skin which is why the hair eventually grows back. Often however, when the hair does return it is lighter and finer and all top quality long term hair removal products like you can read about at NO NO Hair Removal Reviews do achieve a decent level of permanent hair removal, sometimes up to 60%.

Which is right for you: hair removal at home or salon based treatment? Find out in Question 2…