Article: Last-Minute Holiday Primping

When most people think of the holidays, they imagine gifts, seasonal changes and seemingly endless amounts of fattening dishes. That said, the holiday season is also marked by numerous social occasions that bring family, friends and business acquaintances together. Unfortunately, this can heighten insecurities for people who aren’t completely satisfied with their physical appearances. If you’re looking in the mirror and wondering what you can do to improve yourself before the family gatherings and company holiday parties, here are some things that can help.

New Clothes

It may come as no surprise to learn that people tend to be attracted to confidence. We all know someone with ordinary looks who seems to attract attention and admiration just because he or she seems outgoing and especially comfortable in his or her own skin. While this type of self-confidence is often innate, there are some artificial ways to boost it within yourself.

Often, new clothing provides us with a sense of confidence that can power us through an especially important social occasion. While this effect may only prove temporary, it can have a valuable impact during the holiday season, when busy schedules and easy access to fattening foods leave us looking a little less attractive than we did during bikini season.

If you are looking to boost your morale and project a sense of confidence, treat yourself to an early holiday gift by purchasing a brand new outfit that flatters your physique.

Turn Back the Clock

As we age, our skin loses that vibrant beauty we once enjoyed. According to Dr. Ken Collins who provides aesthetics services in Spokane, simple injectable treatments such as BOTOX® and Juvederm® have the ability to dramatically reduce the appearance of age-related skin flaws.

“Injectables are amazing in that they can provide significant improvement with little-to-no downtime,” he said. “Botox provides near-instant relief to wrinkles that can give you a tired, angry, pinched look; and for really stubborn wrinkles such as the ones around the mouth, we can use Juvederm to plump up these areas. The loss of fat cells in the face is usually the cause of these wrinkles, and with Juvederm, we’re basically replacing what was lost.”

A New Hair Style

Any hairstylist worth his or her salt will tell you that hair can have a dramatic impact on the look of a face. Just a few minor changes can give you a whole new sense of self, while also projecting a more vibrant, youthful appearance to others.

Don’t Ignore Yourself

During the holiday season, we tend to put other people’s needs first. While this is admirable, it can sometimes leave us feeling tired, mentally-frayed and even a little depressed. Remember to take the time to do a few things for yourself. After all, when we’re feeling happy and confident, we are better able to please the ones we love.


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