No No Hair Removal Does It Really Work or Is It A Scam?

Of all the questions I get asked about No No hair removal does it really work is definitely the most frequent. It seems a simple enough question to find the answer for by your self, but most people, like me, would rather have someone else go through all the possibility of pain and failure and just “learn from the mistakes of others”.

Luckily, for all my fellow scaredy-cats, my job requires me to overcome my fears of bodily harm and I have basically been a (sometimes unwilling) experimental human-guinea-pig for hair removal products, including the No No, for quite some time now. However, before I share my knowledge that only comes from experience and answer the question “No No Hair Removal does it work?” I want to take the opportunity to announce the recently released No No 8800 Hair Removal model.

No No Hair Removal Does It Really Work

The No No Hair Removal Does it Really Work? How Exactly?

Just last year, the company that made the original No No Hair Removal model, Radiancy, released the new and improved No No 8800, which, like its forerunner, is a hand held device that allows you to quickly, safely and easily do your own hair removal treatments at home.

The Thermicon technology used in these devices sends gentle thermal pulses into the hair follicles which basically “crystallizes” them and causes the hair shaft to more or less “shatter” as you buff them away after treatment. Since the hair is removed at the root rather than at the surface of the skin, the hair removal lasts longer, and you will be able to enjoy decreased hair growth over time.

Since the No No 8800 disperses the Thermicon heat evenly on the area that you are treating, you won’t need to worry about burns, irritation or cuts. Also, unlike other treatments that utilize heat, light or radiation to damage the hair follicle, the No No 8800 is completely safe to use on sensitive areas like the bikini area, underarms, and even the face.


No No Hair Removal – Will it Work for You?

So, now I will get to answering the question “Does No No Hair Removal Work?” I have been the aforementioned human-guinea-pig for about ten years now, and I have tested numerous hair removal products, some more excruciating or messy than others. So, when I am asked to review a product my normal reaction is that of fear and trepidation, and it was no different when I was asked to try out the No No. However, as it turned out, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the No No worked and how easy it was to use. Luckily, when I got my No No, Radiancy was running a free 60 day trial deal, which I was able to take advantage of, so I really had nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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For the first two months, I used the No No on my legs, underarms and bikini line about two times a week. It took about an hour to get the whole job done, but it was incredibly easy to use, and I would usually just multitask and treat myself while watching the evening news.

Unlike shaving, I didn’t need to worry about cuts or nicks, and It was MUCH less hassle than waxing (and less painful too!). In the end, less than two hours a week was not much, especially since I wouldn’t have been doing much else during that time anyway except listening to the newscasters chatter about sports.

In only one and half months, I could see about 60% less hair re-growth on my legs, and about 50% less on my underarms and bikini area. These results were very impressive, even for me, so when my 60 day free trial was finished, I went ahead and bought the No No.

After about four months of treatment, I reduced my treatment to just once or twice every week, and by five months I was down to a single treatment every week. By this time, I had also achieved as much as 80% less hair growth on ALL the areas that I had been treating. At this point, encouraged by the amazing results on all the other areas I used it on, I began using my No No 8800 model on my face.

No No Hair Removal on Face

Since the hair on a woman’s face is much finer than that on most other parts of the body, the results from the No No were more speedy and drastic. After just a little over three months, I saw a 90% reduction of hair on my face. These results will only improve in time, and by next month I will probably be able enjoy total, and complete, facial hair removal.

So, No No Hair Removal Does it Work? ABSOLUTELY! Better than anything I have ever tried before. If you are interested in learning more and you are still deciding if the No No is right for you, you can read my complete No No Hair Removal review, which may be able to provide you with the information that you seek. With beautiful hair-free skin, you’ll be prepared for any occasion. You won’t have to worry about covering up when you go out, and you’ll avoid embarrassing situations like going out with a sleeveless shirt and then realizing that you forgot to shave. By using the No No, you’ll never have to worry about unsightly and unwanted hair. So what are you waiting for? Why not try it today?!

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But, Wait a Sec…No No Hair Removal Does It Really Work the Same on Everyone?

No No Hair Removal works perfectly regardless of what skin type you have. Unlike laser treatments, it makes no difference what colour your hair is or what tone of skin you have. For all different skin types and tones, or hair colors or textures, No No Hair removal is just as effective. The only thing that you will need to check out is if you have any pre-existing skin conditions. If you suffer from any type of rash, or skin irritation, you should consult with your doctor before using any type of hair removal treatment.

Even though the No No will work for every type of skin and hair, the results from the No No Hair Removal will depend on the way that you use it. Consistency and frequency in using the device can make a huge difference in how much hair reduction you will experience. Even though you do not need to spend large amounts of time treating yourself, you should keep to your treatment plan if you want to see good results.

Usually two to three treatments a week are necessary, if you want to have smooth, hair-free skin, but this frequency can be reduced over time. Typical treatment time is about 30 minutes to a full hour. It should take about 10 minutes for each leg, and around 15 minutes for your bikini area.


No No Hair Removal Does it Work Better Than Other Methods of Hair Removal?

No No Hair Removal works much better than any other traditional form of hair removal: whether it is shaving, waxing, tweezing, or using depilatory creams, the No No is definitely faster, safer and easier to use. By using this method of hair removal, you will eliminate any issues you may have had with other hair removal methods, like skin irritation, nick and cuts, excruciating pain and inflammation.

No No Hair Removal

In just 10 to twenty minutes, the No No can leave a whole area of your skin completely hair free. Because the No No 8800 removes hair at the roots instead of just cutting it above the skin’s surface, you will see thinner and slower hair re-growth, and eventually you will be able to achieve one hundred percent hair free skin.

Most people struggle with getting rid of unsightly hair on their arms, legs, bikini area, underarms, and other parts of their body. Having this unwanted hair can sap your self-confidence and prevent you from wearing the latest fashion trends. The No No Hair Removal device was developed to remedy this type of situation. Usually, people that struggle with unwanted hair have to resort to shaving, waxing or laser treatments. However, none of these are quite as effective as the No No.

Unlike shaving, the No No device will not give you cuts and nicks that will mar your skin. And, unlike waxing, it is not painful and will not lead to red, inflamed skin and painful infections from ingrown hairs. However, one of the best things about the No No device is that it is okay to use it on darker skin, unlike laser treatments that can do severe damage to darker skin.

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Monday, 22 January 2018 11.59PM PST

When I get asked, “No No Hair Removal does it work?” I can only answer that, yes, it did work for me! If you are not ready to take my word for it, I would advise you to research the many glowing No No hair removal reviews, some of which were written by dermatologists and hair removal professionals.

You can also look at reviews written by users, just like you, who have used the device and are more than happy with the results. Once you have convinced yourself that the No No is right for you, you should get started using it right away! In no time at all, you will be able to benefit from less hair growth and smoother, silkier skin and you can finally answer the question, “No No Hair Removal Does It Really Work?” with a resounding YES!