We have awarded the NO NO Hair Removal System 8800 the grand title of:


In a field of strong competition, the NO NO stands out as a unique hair remover which delivers on a promise often made but rarely kept:


– Pain free

– Professional

– Long term Hair Removal

– Safe for all Skin Types and Hair Colors.

This is a pretty ambitious claim – one which I’ve heard before – and if Radiancy hadn’t been running a FREE TRIAL of the device I may not have bothered testing it and you wouldn’t be reading this review as these things are usually a letdown (UPDATE Spring Special, 2016: as part of their Promotion, Radiancy have re-opened this free trial. This is a one time special offer it will only be available until the beginning of April in order to guarantee all orders are met before stocks run out. Radiancy have announced they will be pulling the offer at midnight PST on Wednesday, 04 October 2017 so don’t miss out on this).

Thank the stars I did take them up on this trial as the NONO answers a small prayer which I’ve often whispered, but never really believed would come true.

For me, the perfect answer to unwanted body hair is a device which:

  • I only have to use every couple of months.
  • Is small and completely portable.
  • Quick and easy to operate.
  • Doesn’t involve much effort or concentration; the sort of thing I can use while watching TV.


I know I’m asking a lot but I think having high standards is a positive quality even though it often leads to disappointment! Last year, after reading many reviews I finally settled on a depilatory cream which was the closest thing I could find to perfection. The NO NO Hair Removal System trumps this by a mile and is now the “ONLY HAIR REMOVAL PRODUCT I USE.”

no no hair removal reviews

Many hair removal experts have written No No Hair Removal reviews which heap praise on this awesome little device. However, the best endorsement a product can get is from regular folk like you and me who are just looking a simple, long term answer to hair removal. In February 2011, No No Hair Removal received this endorsement when over 60,000 American Shoppers voted No No Hair Removal “BEST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR” at the annual Product Of The Year USA ® Awards. This is a pretty big deal as 60,000 people can’t really be wrong and these guys only hand out award to the best of the best.

Best of all, as you’ll see from my experiences with the No No as you continue to read this No No Hair Removal review, that it takes just 30 – 50 day to start seeing great hair removal results. We’re talking 70% HAIR REDUCTION and in some cases even more than that! I’ll lay everything out in more detail as you read on, but it’s important you realize right now that if you want to feel comfortable wearing a skirt, tube top or sleeveless T-shirt then No No Hair Removal is definitely worth considering.


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Rave Reviews: What Makes the NO NO Hair Removal System so Special?

The magic formula behind the NO NO and what makes it so unique, is its use of Thermicon technology. Many other NO NO Hair Removal system reviews have been singing the praises of Thermicon without describing how important Thermicon is to the NONO. Thermicon is based on the same principles as laser hair removal but with one big difference. Unlike lasers which relies on light and the heat generated by that light, the NO NO is solely heat based. It works by emitting a gentle pulse of heat which travels down to the hair follicle and prevents hair growth from taking place.

Put simply – the NONO heats the hair, the hair heats the hair follicle and the follicle is destroyed by the heat. Simple!

Thermcion treatment is revolutionary in that because it doesn’t target the melanin in the hair follicle like a laser does, people with dark skin or blond, red, white or gray hair are able to use the device without any risk of burning or skin discoloration. This is a remarkable breakthrough as it makes the NO NO a truly democratic hair removal device which can be used by everyone – something which the hair removal industry has needed for a long time.

I found a short promo video about this on YouTube which goes into a little more detail:

(skip to 30 seconds into the video to get past the advertising stuff and learn exactly how the No No works)


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Wednesday, 04 October 2017 11.59PM PST

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Even better than this, its results are fantastic. Like any hair remover system, the NONO does require a time investment and it takes on average 4 – 6 weeks of treatment to see a significant difference in hair growth. However, after 3 weeks I had begun to see some hair reduction on my legs and underarms and 2 weeks later, they were 70% clear.

This was very encouraging and makes the free trial offer worthwhile, since if you haven’t seen a change within the 8 week trial period, you can simple return the device without any hassle. It’s a win win situation but I would be surprised and interested to learn if you do make use of the return policy.

Radiancy along with most other No No Hair Removal reviews recommend you use the NO NO 2 – 3 times a week for the first 2 – 3 months and then to decrease your use to once week for the 4th month, and finally just to use it whenever you need. It is best not to use the device more than 2 – 3 times a week as you have to wait for some hair to grow back although all you need is 1mm of stubble before you can use it again.

When I first set out, I followed these instructions to the letter and once I entered the 5th month, I stopped all treatment and waited to see what would happen. The result? Nothing.


I couldn’t believe it. After 5 weeks, I began to see some re-growth which was much thinner and finer than before. I removed this in less than 30 minutes and then spent another 5 weeks in hairless heaven!


A study published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology supports my experience. This found that women who had followed the advice of NO NO Hair Removal reviews and used the NONO Hair Removal System twice a week for just 6 weeks had a 64% reduction in hair and over a 12 week period, 48% was permanently removed. The NO NO not only slows re-growth but it also permanently decreases your hair density which is why over time, you use it less and less and with longer intervals in between treatments.

As I write this review, I have just started working on my arms and bikini line and after 7 weeks of regular treatment, I am seeing a very similar pattern. Around my bikini area my hair is typically quite coarse and the skin more sensitive, but the NO NO still hasn’t failed me and I haven’t experienced any skin irritations or rashes. Considering its size, it is taking me slightly longer to do this area (about 20 minutes) but this is mostly precautionary and I’m sure as I get more confident I’ll be able to speed up.

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Wednesday, 04 October 2017 11.59PM PST

no no hair removal review

The NO NO Hair Remover System is Super Quick & Completely Painless

On a normal day, it took me just under 30 minutes to completely do my legs and underarms. My arms are currently taking just over 10 minutes each and as I mentioned, my bikini line is averaging around 20 minutes. I have also started treating my face including eyebrows and upper lip and this is taking just under 14 minutes.

Compared to any other long-term or permanent hair removal treatment, THESE TIMES ARE REMARKABLE and I did all of these (with the exception of my bikini line) while I was watching TV – I’m a big fan of British nature programs! – or talking with my husband. For the sake of full disclosure I’ll admit I’m quite good at multitasking generally, but you don’t need Zen like concentration or anything close to this when using the NO NO.

Moreover, the treatments are COMPLETELY PAIN FREE. Aside from a slight sensation of warmth, you don’t feel a thing even when you’re treating more sensitive areas. There are no nicks or cuts like you get from shaving or rashes like you get from some creams. The NO NO Hair Removal System is as safe as you can get.

All areas of the body can be treated (yes – you can use the No No 8800 model on the face) although Radiancy don’t recommend using it on the breasts or genitals.

NO NO hair removal review

The NONO is Incredibly Simple to Use

You’re not going to get more user friendly than the NO NO.

You simply choose the appropriate Thermicon tip for either long or short hair and the treatment level, then glide it across your skin at a steady pace and finally, when you have finished an area buff your skin to leave it smooth.

The status screen lets you know how much battery life you have left, the condition of your treatment tip and whether you are using the NO NO correctly. If you’re going too fast or are stopping and starting, a green light will flicker; if you’re doing OK it will remain a steady green. Unless you’re in a hurry or are clearing a bumpy area, you won’t have any problems.

Since No No Hair Removal uses a heat pulse to remove your hair, it leaves a crystallized remnant where the follicle has been burnt. To remove these, you need to use the buffer to exfoliate the skin for a soft finish. Radiancy recommend also using a moisturizer or a non-alcoholic lotion although I personally found this wasn’t necessary.

Aside from this, there are no chemicals and no mess. Yes, it is really is this simple!

How Much Does The NO NO Hair Removal System Cost?

No No Hair Removal is priced at $269.85 and you opt for a 3 month payment plan which allows you in pay in smaller monthly installment of $89.95. However, as part of their Spring SpecialPromotion, Radiancy have re-opened their famous free trial offer and right now you have the chance to try the NO NO for a whole 60 days completely risk free. All you need to do is go to the NO NO Hair Removal website.




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The trial period is the perfect way to see if the NO NO is for you and because 60 days is more than enough time to start seeing results, you can’t really lose.

If you’re one of few people who haven’t seen results within 60 days at least you’ve given it ago and you can return the NONO to Radiancy. They’ll even pay for your return shipping! Otherwise you’ll pay a one time fee and you’re only ever need to replace the Thermicon tips and buffers as they wear out. These cost around $30 for 3 tips and 1 buffer, and 1 tip is designed to last 1 month. $269 is a lot of money but not for the NO NO and certainly not when you’ve seen for yourself the rewards it gives you in return.

If you’re still worried about the cost, you have to consider what you would spend in alternatives: waxing costs on average $900 a year and laser treatment runs into the thousands or sometimes more. Even creams when used regularly can total over $400. When it comes down to it, NO NO Hair Removal is great value for the results it gives you.

no no hair removal

What are the Downsides?

It’s not often I’m able to say this when writing a hair removal review but there aren’t many. With the old NO NO Classic model, it was sometimes a little tricky treating the smaller parts of your face such as your upper lip or chin. However, the new NO NO 8800 has solved this problem by giving you the option of using a smaller treatment tip which has made treating the smaller and more sensitive areas of your face very simple. For microscopic precision, the new 8800 model is also compatible with the NO NO kit for small areas which gives you a range of even smaller treatment tips for those really challenging hairs.

Since the NO NO treats your hair by essentially burning it, this smell can be a little unpleasant at times. However, this is also a sign that the device is working properly and can be easily masked by incense or hair fresheners. As the weeks go by and less hair grows back, the smell will lessen and in the case of my legs, it disappeared entirely. I’m sure this was because my leg hair is quite thin and fine so for people with similar a hair type, expect to be smell free by the second month.

NONO Review: Some Final Thoughts

I should say again that the NONO Hair Removal System is not a magic wand and you do need to put the time in to see results.

Persistency, commitment and consistency are key and it is not a permanent solution to hair removal. Some hair will grow back and you do need to re-treat yourself every month or so to keep your skin hair free.

But like many other No No Hair Removal reviews will testify, the NO NO does give you a guaranteed solution to long-term hair removal in a way which is simpler and cheaper than any other product on the market today. And it does this for everyone, no matter what your skin color or hair type.

I waited a long time for a solution to hair removal like the NO NO and will always be happy I gave it a chance. My life would have been so different if I hadn’t tried it out and seen for myself the amazing results it gives you. Try it yourself and you’ll see. After all, you have nothing to lose but your hair!


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No No Reviews: My Follow up Review For The No No Hair Removal 8800 Model


UPDATED: 1st April 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you my original No No review and I think it’s now about time to update you on how I’ve been getting on with the No No Hair Removal system.

I have now being using the No No 8800 for 16 months and I should point out early on that the No No still gets our vote as the BEST HOME HAIR REMOVAL PRODUCT currently available. But before I go on, allow me to refresh your memory. I know most of you have probably read my first No No Review last year but in case you haven’t, let me start from the beginning:

no no hair removal reviews

Rewind to my First No No Reviews

The very first time I used No No Hair Removal I was pretty skeptical about it’s claims of long term hair removal. After all, how often have we heard this and being disappointed. So I was surprised and pleased when I discovered that the No No not only works but works very, very well. Within 40 days, I had achieved 60% HAIR REDUCTION on my legs & arms and all I had to do was run the No No Hair Removal device over the area I wanted to to treat and…that’s it!

When I did this consistently over just 5 weeks, I removed half my leg and arm air. best of all, it took JUST 15 MINUTES to treat each leg and 15 minutes in TOTAL to treat my arms. When I came to treat my bikini line, this took me slightly longer (about 20 minutes) but within a couple of days I was down to 10 minutes. In the end, I used the No No 8800 three times a week for the initial 60 day free trial.

(1st April 2012: This 60 day free trial offer is live again as part of Radiancy’s Special Spring Promotion. This is a very limited time offer and Radiancy will be pulling the offer at the end of Sunday, 08 April 2012 so make sure you take advantage of it while you still can).

My results over this trial period were better than waxing, shaving or any other home hair removal method I have tried. Best of all, unlike all other hair removal products, the No No 8800 with it’s revolutionary Thermicon Technology does its job COMPLETELY PAIN FREE without giving you any unwanted cuts, burns, pain, blotches or irritation.

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Sunday, 08 April 2012 11.59PM PST

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My No No Hair Removal Reviews 2011

Okay, so let return to the present. It’s been more than a year since I’ve started using the NoNo 8800 and it still has yet to disappoint. My hair growth continued to get thinner and the periods of time between treatment now stretch to 6 weeks. Any hair which does eventually grow back is soft and fine and often barely noticeable. Still, it does hurt to do a quick touch up as it now takes JUST 15 MINUTES to run the No No over the areas I have been treating. Yes you read that right! Because any re-growth which does occur is like baby hair, the No No removes it very quickly.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that my little No No 8800 continues to work such as well as when I bought it. My husband has even been borrowing it now to remove some of his “leg carpet” and still it continues to run just fine. The only thing I am buying every once in a while is a new buffer and hair removal tips and although in an ideal world this wouldn’t be necessary (I keep on forgetting to order the damn things!) the cost is minor when compared to the awesome results they give me.

Rave No No Reviews: No No 8800 is InStyle Magazine’s Beauty Breakthrough Product of the Year

I’m not always a fan of InStyle’s tips and recommendations but when it comes to No No Hair Removal, we are absolutely on the same page, as are many other fashion & beauty publications as well as a growing number of dermatologists and other skin professionals. You have only to read some other No No Hair Removal reviews to see the kind of reception it has been getting.

Like most other hair removal blogger’s, I can safely say the No No 8800 is the CHEAPEST and BEST home hair removal product which is available today. Perhaps most importantly, you might have heard other No No reviews mention that the No No is also the most democratic of hair removal devices as it will work with ANY skin color or hair type.

* * * * SPRING SPECIAL OFFER * * * *

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No No Hair Removal: Does It Work?

If you are still in doubt whether No No Hair Removal is a good match for you, it might be a good idea to browse some of the other No No hair removal reviews out there to get a broader perspective. There is also some useful information about the clinical and research studies conducted which provide solid scientific evidence that the No No makes good on it’s promise of easy and painless home hair removal.


Where is The Safest Place to Buy No No Hair Removal System?

Be Warned –  there are still a lot of scammers out there who are taking advantage of the NoNo popularity. So if you want to avoid such scams it is best to buy No No Hair Removal from authorized resellers or better yet, buy from its the No No Official Website. This is the only place which offers the No No Hair Removal System for only $270 and you can also take advantage of the sites installment offer which allows you to purchase the NoNo in three easy installment of $89.95. Or better yet, you can try the No No 8800 for 60 days; RISK-FREEThis is a really unique promotion as Radiancy rarely offer discounts or deals on their products. This offer is due to expire on Sunday, 08 April 2012 so make sure you don’t get there too late.

When you purchase No No Hair Removal System you will get the No No 8800 unit which comes in silver or pink, 1 wide Thermicon tip, 1 narrow Thermicon tip, 1 large buffer, the NoNo Smooth lotion, cleaning brush, deluxe travel case, quick guide, instructional CD, power supply and 1-year manufacturers warranty.

My No No Reviews Final Thoughts

I am telling you now as a satisfied No No 8800 user, that if you’re looking for a pain free, easy to use, long term home hair removal solution, then the No No is the device for you. Of course, be aware that the No No will not give you “success overnight.” If you want to achieve your desired results you must stick to your treatment, schedule, follow the No No instructions and be patient. If you remember these three principles, you won’t be disappointed.

* * * * SPRING SPECIAL OFFER * * * *

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