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Braun 5280 Silk-Epil Epilator Review
Company Braun
Perfect For You If If you hate shaving and want a super simple, pain free, long term hair removal solution from a trusted company.
Price $74.99
Recommended For Legs, arms, underarms, ankles, stomach, neck
Results Long Term Hair Removal
Type Epilator
Usage Restrictions use at your discretion around delicate areas such as your bikini line and face

The Braun 5280 Epilator is part of the Braun Silk-Epil-Xelle Collection which has a reputation of offering super efficient hair removal with its 40 micro-tweezers epilator head. The Braun 5280 also has a built-in SmartLight which illuminates the skin so that you can see and remove even the thinnest and shortest skin in your body. Plus, it comes with an Easy start up kit which is perfect for new Braun 5280 users for it has an epilator head with fewer micro-tweezers and a cooling glove.

If you tried tweezing out your body hairs then I tell you, Braun 5280 Epilator works similarly to tweezing but it is 40 times faster and no where near as painful. “Why is that?” you may ask…