Silkn Sensepil “3 Step” Usage Guide

Hello everyone, Carl here!

I expect you’ve come to this page from my Silk n Sensepil review. I’m sure you’re keen to keep on reading about the permanent hair removal results I achieved with the SenEpil so I’ll make this really quick. Here is my 1 minute guide how to use the SensEpil:

1.) Shave – Before using the Silkn SensEpil I always make sure to clean and shave the are that I wanted to treat. I also make sure that my skin is totally dry and free from any chemicals like lotion, oil and alcohol.

2.) Power On –To use the Silk n SensEpil you simply plug the electrical cord and wait for the green signal light before clicking the power button. When the signal light turns orange that means the Silk n Sensepil is ready to use.

3.) Click – To start the treatment, you position the hand-held applicator against your skin with the treatment lamp cartridge facing down. Then I start clicking the pulse button and say goodbye to my unwanted hair, stubbles and hair ingrown.

You may wonder why I need to shave my unwanted hair and clean my skin before starting the treatment. This step is optional but I find it very helpful in maximizing and speeding up the hair removal effects of Silkn SensEpil. A clean, well shaven and chemical-free skin also dramatically reduces the chance of suffering any skin discomforts or after-procedure redness.

That’s it! See I told you just 1 minute πŸ™‚

Now you can go back to my Silk n SensEpil Reviews and hear about how I managed to clear all my body hair is record time. To go back to my review, just click here.