Article: Tips To Create Makeup Cocktails

Christmas season is nearing and all the women out there are grooming themselves to look their best at the parties. However, what if we told you that you can look a notch different than others by doing certain simple alterations in your makeup kit? You can look even better and prettier if you add certain products to your favorite makeup.

This mixing and matching of makeup is done in order to customize the makeup as per your skin type, color, shade of your dress, and most importantly, your choice. Such makeup cocktails are very famous amongst film celebrities, high profile personnels, and media people as they have to be in public eyes all the time. Be it hiding of pimples or lightning the dark circles, you can make a perfect makeup product for you. Such mixing of products also allows you to save a decent amount of money which you will spend in buying many different expensive products or will end up giving the money to a professional beautician in order to look good. All this can be stopped and you can customize your own makeup products if you follow the in-line tips.

1. Mix primer with concealer

Primer forms a basic layer over the skin on which you can apply makeup. If you have any dark spots, pimple marks or light scars, you can hide them by using a good foundation primer. However, if the marks are more prominent (especially the area under the eyes which has dark circles) then you can add a goos concealer to the primer before applying. Make sure that both these products match each other in the shade and they should also match your skin tone (one or two shades lighter than the actual skin tone will work too). This basic foundation layer makeup cocktail will make almost all the spots, dark patches, and scars conceal. 

2. Mix blusher with compact powder/ rose powder 

An artificial blush is too easy to recognize and thus it should be of the lightest rosy shade. If you mix compact powder or rosepowder with the blusher then you can spread it evenly on the cheeks. Also it will keep the blusher on for more time and your cheeks will look rosy pink in a natural way.  After applying a layer of this makeup cocktail you may spray very little amount of water on your face with the help of a sprayer. Immediately put a towel on your face so that the water is soaked and the makeup is not disturbed. This technique helps in keeping makeup on for as long as 4 hours (depending on the quality of products that you use).

3. Add toner to the lip gloss

Toner gives the lips a glazed look and increase the chances of lipstick staying on for long. The lip gloss gives a shiny effect to lips and at the same time it provides moisture to the lips. By adding toner to the lip gloss you can provide firmness even after the application of the lipstick. Also the glossy look will be enhanced because of the use of the toner.

These are the tips and tricks for making makeup cocktails will help you in customizing your makeup as per your needs. Just recognize the best combinations for your skin type and mix the makeup products accordingly.

 Author Bio: I am Aja Levis, a freelancer finance consultant. Apart from that I love to write on recent trends whether it is about beauty or health or finance.


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